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Hosting Plans and Features

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Hosting Plans


A basic hosting plan for the individual or entry-level users who are looking for their own custom email address (as opposed to local isp, AOL, etc.), just want to learn how to create a site such as for school or demonstration purposes, and don't need specific multimedia mime types. Can easily be upgraded when your ready!

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$29.95 Setup
Silver (Best Selling)
Gold eCommerce
Additional Information


A great choice for an individual home page or entry-level users that need more email address', multimedia mime types, and just looking to test the waters before moving up to a more robust and functional Web hosting solution.

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$29.95 Setup
Silver (Best Selling)
Gold eCommerce
Additional Information

Silver (Best Selling)

A perfect virtual web hosting solution for small-to-midsize businesses looking to establish their presence on the Web. With plenty of disk space, e-mail accounts, and a secure server, the Silver Plan is a great fit for any small-to-midsize business. Upgrades to an eCommerce version are offered as Silver Manager & Silver Pro.

  • Your own Web address (ie. www.YourName.com )
  • 75 Custom E-Mail Address ( you[@]yourname.com)
  • 100 MB Disk Storage
  • 5000 MB Data Transfer
  • 75 Mailing Lists
  • Account Manager (Virtual Control Panel)
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption included
  • mySQL Database
  • Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000 Extensions
  • Your own CGI-BIN
  • Free Technical Support (Not for 3rd party software)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Minimum Contracts
  • Side by Side Comparisons of Bronze, Silver, & Gold Hosting Plans

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$29.95 Setup
Gold eCommerce
Additional Information

Gold eCommerce

Designed for small to large-sized businesses who want maximum capacity and capability, extreme ease and usability at a minimal price. Included in our Gold (eCommerce) Plan is ShopSite Starter for those who's product commerce needs are basic. If a more robust and extensive shopping cart is required, then ShopSite Manager or ShopSite Pro offer great extensibility with a variety of very mature features. We do offer a variety of options for eCommerce including modular extensions for our CMS' (content management systems).

Payment Gateway, secured certificates, and merchant accounts, can easily be added to this plan

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$49.95 Setup
Silver (Best Selling)
Additional Information

Additional Information:

There is no charge to register new domains or transfer domains from other web hosts; transfers will result in less than 10 minutes of downtime. We take care of domain name registrations and transfers for free.
Domain name and web hosting transfer procedure

You can upgrade plans at any time for no cost; will not result in any downtime.

No limit on FTP Transfer. You can update your pages an unlimited amount of times at any time. FTP updates do not count as bandwidth transfer.

We keep the peak CPU load for each server below 10% on all machines to maximize performance.

All accounts have a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Setup non-refundable.

Credit card orders are activated same business day during regular business hours.

If your bandwidth "runs out" (very rare), your site will automatically be allocated more bandwidth, resulting in no downtime.

No hidden fees; No forced advertising.

If you're not ready for your own domain, you may have a vanity web site address, 'http://yourname.electronicaddress.com' and upgrade to your own domain at any time for no cost.

We DO NOT host pornographic, hacker, or unsolicited email (spam) related sites.

Silver (Best Selling)
Gold eCommerce

Hosting Features

Hosting Features

Our features require no programming knowledge and are controlled through a friendly graphic user interface designed with the beginner in mind.

Web Account Manager (Control Panel)
Our web account manager (virtual control panel) is a standard feature on every account. It gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your options. By the click of a mouse, you can administer your disk storage, email accounts, directories, cgi-bin, and all the special features that we offer you, such as your resource meter and site statistics. You can even add additional features like Easy Apps (Silver & Gold accounts only) to your account right when you need them. With this extraordinary tool you do not only gain control, but also the flexibility to make changes within your time frame and according to your particular needs.
Account Management
The Account Management Option will give you a detailed description of your account information. It includes your username, package option, activation date, contract length, etc...
File Manager
The File Manager allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site right from your browser over any internet connection. You are able to create, delete, name, rename, and move your folders/files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML/PHP in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.
Easy Apps Collection (Silver & Gold Accounts only)
The "Easy Apps" collection of applications is an incredible bundle of software applications that adds an enormous amount of extensibility to your site. Generally they are Open Source applications which have a large support base and are the best of the web. From multi award winning Content Management Systems (cms) & Portals, to specialized blogging, forums, eCommerce, polls, support systems, wikis, calendars, picture galleries, webcards, and more. These application are the most popular on the web and can generally be fit into the look & feel of your existing site or help you to even create a site through extensive templates.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We're so sure that you'll be happy, we're offering a 100% satisfaction 30-Day money back guarantee!
Microsoft FrontPage 97, 98, and 2000
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions are included at no extra charge.
Same-Day Setup
Orders placed by 5 P.M. Western Standard Time paid for by credit card are setup the same day. (Most orders placed after 5 are also setup same day).
Hit Counter
See how many people are visiting your site, with many choices of styles.
Site Search Engine
Allows users to perform searches on your site.
Password Protected Directories
Using this option you can password protect any directory in your site preventing users from viewing the contents of a directory unless they have permission. You can set any number of users using this feature.
Redirect URL
The Redirection Manager will allow you to redirect pages on your site to other locations.
Web-Based E-Mail
Check your email from our Full-featured web-based email program(s)! 3 different ones to choose from! Just like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail (1 even includes calenders, events, & notes), except you can send & receive using your own domain's email! Going out of town or out of the country? No problem, all you need is an Internet connection and you can send & receive email conveniently without downloading anything. Access this feature at mail.yourdomainname.com and login to your favorite of three email clients.
E-Mail Autoresponders & Aliases
Ours are much easier to setup than most of our competitors'.
Resource Meter
View usage of your email accounts, data transfer, disk storage, and mailing lists, right when you login to your control panel.
Mailing Lists - Listserv
(Like sending an e-mail to a distribution list) Stay in touch with customers by creating a one-way newsletter style of listserv (like a fax broadcast) or allow everyone to stay in touch with each other by creating a two-way list where anyone who is a member of the listserv can send a message and everyone on the list gets a copy of the e-mail. A recipient of the e-mail can then reply and everyone in the listserv gets the reply. A two-way listserv is used to carry on discussions.
Online E-Mail Manager
Easily setup POP3 accounts, email aliases, forwarding addresses, and auto responders with a few clicks through our online email program.
Free Secure Server (128-Bit Encryption Technology Server Software)
Use our Secure Server for free. This will allow your customers to make encrypted transactions from your shopping cart or order form. Configuration for real time card processing with all the popular payment gateways such as CyberCash, authorize.net, Payflow Pro, PayPal, and more is achieved easily within the Control Panel.
Free Stats / Daily Logs
Retrieve an analysis of your web site traffic through any of these statistics programs: Webalizer, Modlogan, Urchin, AWStats. You turn them all on/off individually and decide which works best for your needs. Urchin requires a subscription which has an extra charge.
Your Own CGI/BIN directory
No need to wait for the system operator to load your CGI or PERL.
FTP & Telnet Access
Allows you to update your files when you want to. Anonymous FTP and FTP sub-accounts can be setup at no extra charge from your Virtual Control Panel.
Free Web Promotion
Free Web Site Registration with the Top Internet Search Engines, Directories, and Yellow Pages. Includes Free Search Engine Verification and Unlimited re-submissions to the Best Search Engines and Directories for Life. It is recommended to do a little studying on search engine submission before doing this more then once a month. No longer necessary as a good "robots.txt" file accompanying web pages will automatically help get the right pages indexed by the search engines.
Programs Installed & Configured
The latest stable releases of MySQL, CGI.pm, CGIWRAP, GD.pm, HyperNews, MReply, Perl, PHP/FI, Imagemap Programs, Fractal Imagers, FutureSplash, TrueSpeech Digital Audio, VivoActive, VocalTec Internet Phone, Infinop's wavelet image compression, MacroMedia's Shockwave, Midi, Sizzler, ToolBook II Instructor, Voxware, Vream, VRML support, and many too numerous to mention.
A little dated and yet we offer building multi-dimensional sites without CGI programming by using HTML Script applets. Applets can be preinstalled by request.
Additional Features
Image Maps, Server Side Includes, Java, HTMLscript, mySQL, PGP, and PHP at no extra charge.

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