Video Portfolio

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Due to copyright and trademark infringement laws we can only show some of our video work.
Please contact us and we will be happy to show the rest of our portfolio on DVD

For movies, Quicktime is required except where noted.
Please be patient for the first frames of the movie to show up, then click play.

3G Full Screen

The Work of 3G Welding & Fabrication

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If you don't care about the 5 - 10 times quality difference then feel free to watch the Windows Media Version by clicking the following link:

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3G Here

Watch here in this tab @ 400 x 323

Demonstrates Steadi-Cam tracking and several shooting styles that we artistically incorporated. We also came up with 3 musical styles and were able to fit them perfectly in time to separate each section of the video. Please watch the ending title effects to see some of what Video Integrations can accomplish for you.


Band promotional utilizing Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Motion, and good writing and direction by our team of experts.

Dan Hicks

A program we shot for Domaine Chandon at their winery in the Napa Valley. Demonstrates the early days of non-linear programming with Adobe Premiere.

Raiders Pt. 1

This was shot for the Napa Valley Pop Warner Football league when the Oakland Raiders came to visit. It demonstrates a collaboration between contractor and Video Integrations exclusively over the web. 3D composites were created in Electric Image and through Premiere project files passed back & forth over the web. Slow motion effects, creative transitioning, chapter tracks (see pop-up on bottom right of movie), and rendering were done in Radius Edit DV. We were the first of 500 users in the world to be editing over firewire with non-linear editors through our beta testing of Radius' robust software and among the first 1000 to have a firewire camera.

Raiders Pt. 2

Demonstrates tight video tracking with Steadi-Cam Jr. and After Effects work as a recapitulation prior to the ending titles. The music was written & composed by Video Integrations.


Quicktime Water Effect on picture of Florida clients pool required PhotoShop compositing and the application of the QuickTime effects layer.
Safari users please note that it doesn't render well without sometimes having to click on the play button (right arrow - bottom left) and the frequency of waves is a little neurotic.